I am Sethak, I'm a 27 year old human male.  I was born into a middle-class well educated family.  I've always been a gentle soul.  I have a clear belief of moral rights and wrongs – my privileged background has insulated me from some of life's more difficult choices and grey areas.

My parents ensured I had a full education at school and university. I've been relatively caught up in my studies not necessarily experiencing the world around me.  My career so far has been based around attending those who could afford my services – middle/upper class society.

Recently I've noticed the suffering on the streets of the city and
have felt less satisfaction with my career.  I have taken the decision to take a break from my practice and to explore some of the world round me.  I naively believe I can offer help and my help will be gratefully received.  I see my exploration as a kind of 'charity' work.


The Betrayers Sethak