Timeline Sumary

Day 1

Visit village of Merebeck. Fun and games at the village fair. Meet the Baron. Win prizes. Drink lots

Day 2

Early hours: Redguard turn up. Baron leaves with them. They slaughter everyone. We fight. Get away. Save barkeep, and his wife and child.

Morning: Return to town. Dead everywhere, including women and children. Place deserted. Time to leave

Evening: Arrive at nearby town. Redguard everywhere. Suspicion everywhere. They're blaming us! Time to leave (again).

Night: Sleep interrupted by hungry wolves. Must learn to sleep with armour on!

Day 3

Afternoon: Arrive city, find barkeep (Roxanna) who is friend of a friend of the one we saved. Baron is "missing". Redguard say we did it (in league with Northmen apparently).

Night: Help drunken smith get his anvil back. Accidentally burn down smithing district and kill some guards.

Later that night:  Roxanna shops us to the guards. Inn beds were comfier than the prison ones!

Day 4

Spend day trying to make friends and influence people in prison. Befriend some important guy, annoy another one. Have a fight that mostly involved: (a) 1 of us getting pounded on by some huge bloke, (b) 2 of us slipping on gruel and doing more damage to ourselves than to the huge bloke, (c) 1 of us demonstrating her negotiable affection while trying to "buy" some help for the fight, and (d) 1 of us watching everything from the sidelines and just shaking his head in disbelief. 

Day 5

Escape from prison, with the help of some distraction from important guy above. Owe favour for it though. Also save barkeep from Merebeck, who'd been caught earlier and was in same prison (we'd been offered money for doing so from Roxanna before she turned us in). 

Roxanna waiting with horses outside the prison to help us escape. Gives us our pay – coincidentally the same amount she got for turning us in. Claims it was all a brilliant plan! 

Day 6

Shopping! Oh, and saving barkeep's wife and kid from ritual cleaning. Ritual cleansing involving burning at the stake. Also might have started a riot. Oh well…

Timeline Sumary

The Betrayers farrago