Sethak Day3

Now I'm worried.  Ok, so I asked for it.  I said I wanted adventure and now I'm getting it. 

After that horrendous night in the woods I was glad to be back on the road.  We all seemed to recover well from the wolf attack and can get on with trying to work out what the hell is happening here.

We found town and went to what we thought would be a safe place to stay given guidance from a newspaper seller.  Despite the rough area and the even rougher ladies in the hostelry we thought that with our letter of introduction we assumed all would be well – our first mistake.  I'm beginning to wonder who I can or can't trust. 

We knew that the streets weren't safe for us, so we stayed in the 'bar'.  Roxana, the bar owner, seemed happy to have us.  She looked after us during the day, keeping us out of sight and brought us food, drink and some of the other facilities the bar had to offer.  I was shocked to see the base nature of some of the group.  They appear to have no respect for women.

Evening came, and we went down to the bar to relax.  There we met a drunk blacksmith complaining about the Red Guard taking over the blacksmithing quarter.  Anyone who doesn't work for them gets kicked out.  He said that most of his colleagues have ended up making weapons, shields etc. for the guards.  It sounds like they are getting ready for war.  We also heard from him how the locals are being conscripted into the guard.  I think we're in over our heads.

As we chatted, it became apparent he was upset at the loss of his business and more importantly his anvil – a family heirloom!  For some reason, maybe because we'd been cooped up all day, we decided it would be a good idea to help him get it back.  We set off with a rather fortified blacksmith in tow!

Once we reached the blacksmithing quarter it was apparent that everyone had closed up shop for the night.  There were a few patrols milling around but nothing we couldn't handle.  We waited for one to pass by and then quietly slipped across the road into the shop. Or at least that was the plan.  It turns out that despite our elven colleagues heritage, she seemed to have missed out on the 'sneak' gene.  As we reached the shop she tripped, fell, knocked over a stack of shields and, most fun of all, alerted the guards!

Suprisingly, we managed to band together and take on the guards – our previous experience seemed to have given us more of a clue in our roles.  That bl**dy sorcerer made things difficult for us.  In narrow streets, with wooden buildings, he decided it was a good idea to start throwing flames around.  He was probably trying to help, but I think we'll need to keep an eye on him.  Anyway despite the flames slowly spreading through the district we were able to recover the anvil for our new friend – who by this time had collapsed in a pool of his own vomit. Again, I wonder why we helped him and how I've ended up in this situation.

Mission accomplished we returned to the bar to rest.  This is when it got nasty.  We'd barely relaxed when a knock came on our door.  We answered it and before we knew it we'd been arrested by the guard!  As we were escorted out we saw Roxana take money from the ranking officer.  Betrayed!

/Prison, two competing groups, a promiscous elf and a number of fights later we found freedom with the help of Rosanna./


Sethak Day3

The Betrayers Sethak