Theobald Chesterburn

Head of the League of Concerned Merchants


The group met Theobald in the Aysgill Castle dungeon, where he was being held on charges of racketeering, smuggling, drug running, conspiracy to murder, and no doubt a host of other charges relating to his leadership of the League of Concerned Merchants.

However, he has always denied that the League is anything more than a self-help group of merchants who each other out in perfectly legal ways. And he is such a charming man to talk to that you can't help believing him.

Whatever the truth is, he is undeniably well connected and able to provide whatever you need, even from inside a cell. It was his connections that organised the horses for the Betrayersto hep them escape the dungeon.

Again, when the Betrayers returned to Aysgil with the Baron, it was Theobald and his men who provided much of the muscle required to oust the Redguard and return the Baron to his rightful throne.

In recognition of his help, the Baron pardoned Theobald and made him his advisor on law and order. Promising that he had turned over a new leaf, Theobald set about "cleaning up the streets". Since the clamp-down started, times have been hard for smugglers, drug dealers, and the like. Hundreds have been caught and sent to prison, although members of the League have so far escaped any sanction.

Some say that this proves that Theobald is abusing his position to take out the competition, but the Theobald and the Baron maintain that this simply proves that Theobald was innocent all along.

Rumours are that the Baron is so taken with Theobald, that he mind find himself known as "Sir Winterburn" before too long…

Theobald Chesterburn

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