Wilfrid / "Dead Eye"

The Baron's Spy Master


Wilfrid met Baron Bradstane – or simply Sir Illger Bradstane as he was then – when he served under him on The Wall, all those years ago during the Northmen Uprising.

He got the name 'Dead Eye' for his tremendous accuracy with a bow, using it time and again to take our enemy leaders as they assaulted the wall, which earned him a fearsome reputation with friend and foe alike.

Towards the end of the seige, and against Dead Eye's advice, Sir Bradstane led his troop in a sally out to destroy some lightly defended seige engines. As Dead Eye has predicted, this turned out to be a highly successfull trap. The troop was slaughtered, and only incredible heroics by Wilfrid saved Illger from being among the dead. Sadly, a severe injury lost Wilfrid the use of his right eye, and game his nickname a sadly ironic meaning.

From that day, Sir Bradstane took Wilfrid to be his most trusted advisor, and when his father died, and he became Baron, he entusted Wilfrid with building and running his spy network, together with some "deniable" operatives to provide an alternative to simply throwing soldiers at each and every problem.

Wilfrid / "Dead Eye"

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