The Betrayers

S2E2: Into the dark...

What is that noise?

As the moon rises and the calendar ticks over from Nights Dawn to Earth Slumber, our heroes trudge through the dark towards the mine. The cold wind flowing down off the mountains is thick with the promise of snow, and cuts into fingers and toes.

As they near their destination, the wind carries the sound of a bell tolling in the nearby mining village. Drawing closer they can see a crowd has gathered arround the mine head, their worried faces illuminated by the torches and lanterns scattered among them.

There seems to be some kind of argument going on at the mine entrance where a cluster of men are gesticulating wildly at each other. Further back, the women and children are huddled in little groups; talking quietly to each other, offering and receiving comfort from friends and relatives.

It would appear that something is most definitely up…



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