The Betrayers

Over-reaching Newbie

Reach for the stars...

... and you might reach the moon. Or end up looking like an idiot, standing on a ladder in the middle field ranting about NASA turning down your innovative moon mission plans. One of the two.


When you and your friends decide that you'd like to give roleplaying a go again after 10 years or so away from it, and you've never DM-ed seriously before, and you've never even played D&D before, it's probably not the right time to also design your own campaign setting.

But where's the fun in that?

So that's where Skyrholme came from – a relatively low magic, medieval fantasy realm to plonk the players down in the middle of. Creating it's been fun, even if it did take time away from pesky things like learning the rules, or making up a good story.

On the plus side we have a relatively sedate once-a-month plan for gaming sessions which gives me plenty of time to ignore the upcoming deadline before panicking with two days left. But it also gives me time to mess around with things like drawing maps, designing a world, or writing in-game newspapers1.

First couple of sessions have been quite successful, so I just need to keep things going, get some game-logs up here (with suitable player bribery), update the setting details on the wiki, and be more interesting than the player's WoW addiction. Should all be good :)

fn1. What? You can have magically enchanted mithril armour, living swords, dungeons with more traps per-square-foot than a rat-catcher's warehouse, but the concept of moveable type is a step too far?.


Yeah, and forget about running water, too. I’m guessing a wizard could make good money wandering the countryside creating magic toilets for people.

Over-reaching Newbie

Just be sure not to get your treasure portable hole, and your …uh… “other” portable hole mixed up. “You just dropped my gauntlets of might into what????”

Over-reaching Newbie

I actually created the demi-plane of sepsis, where all sewage ends up. I used it in an adventure, and as you can imagine, it was pretty gross. Still, I know a lot of players who would glady venture into any nasty-smelling hole to get some gauntlets of might. ;)

Over-reaching Newbie

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